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Bloodhound |
UTILIZATION Scent hound for large game venery, service dog,
tracking dog and family dog. It was and it must always remain a
hound which due to its remarkable sense of smell is foremost a leash
hound, often used not only to follow the trail of wounded game as in
the blood scenting trials but also to seek out missing people in police
operations. Due to its functional construction, the Bloodhound is
endowed with great endurance and also an exceptional nose which
allows it to follow a trail over a long distance and difficult terrain
without problems.
FCI-CLASSIFICATION Group 6 Scent hound and related breeds
Section 1 Scent hounds
1.1 Large sized hounds
With working trial
APPEARANCE Large-sized hound and massive leash
hound, the most powerful of all the scent hounds
SIZE The ideal height is 68 cm for males
62 cm for females
Tolerance of 4 cm more or less
WEIGHTMales about 46 – 54 kg
Females about 40 – 48 kg
Height and weight must be balanced
TEMPERAMENT Gentle, placid, kind and sociable with people, particularly attached to
its owner, tolerant of kennel companions and other domestic
animals, somewhat reserved and stubborn
LIFE SPAN10-12 years
GROOMINGWeekly brushing, regularly bathing, nails should be trimmed regularly
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