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UTILIZATION Hunting sighthound, racing and coursing hound.
Borzoi is a hunting sighthound to be used mostly for chasing hare and
fox, less for wolf hunting. Combines high agility with endurance and
the ability to tackle a game deftly at once. Successfully used for
coursing and racing
FCI-CLASSIFICATION Group 10 Sighthounds
Section 1 Long-haired or fringed Sighthounds
With working trial
APPEARANCE Dog of aristocratic appearance, tall, lean and strong, harmoniously built, rather high-legged, fairly narrow in body
SIZE Males: 75–85 cm
Females: 68–78 cm
WEIGHTMales: 34–48 kg
Females: 25–41 kg
TEMPERAMENT Temperament is calm, visual response is well evident
LIFE SPAN10 to 12 years
GROOMINGBrushing twice a week, bathing when necessary, nails should be trimmed regularly
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