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Cental Asia Shepherd Dog/Alabai
Cental Asia Shepherd Dog/Alabai | www.ksrs.rs
ORIGINUSSR (Regions of Central Asia)
UTILIZATIONGuard and watch dog
FCI-CLASSIFICATIONGroup 2 Pinscher & Schnauzer type, Molossoid Breeds, Swiss
Mountain- and Cattle Dogs
Section 2.2. Molossoid Breeds, Mountain type
Without working trial
APPEARANCERobust, muscular body, voluminous, but not with visible muscles.
The males are more massive and courageous than females with more pronounced withers and a larger head.
SIZEMales: Minimum 70 cm
Females: Minimum 65 cm
WEIGHTMales: Minimum 50 kg
Females: Minimum 40 kg
TEMPERAMENTVery courageous and have high working capacity, endurance and a natural instinct of territory. Fearlessness towards large predators.
LIFE SPAN11-14 years
GROOMINGMinimal grooming is necessary, nails should be trimmed regularly
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