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UTILIZATION Hunting dog, above and below ground
FCI-CLASSIFICATION Group 4: Dachshunds
With working trial
APPEARANCE Low, short legged, elongated but
compact build, very muscular with cheeky, challenging head carriage
and alert facial expression
SIZE Standard Dachshund:
Males: over 37 cm – up to 47 cm
Females: over 35 cm – up to 45 cm
Miniature Dachshund:
Males: over 32 cm – up to 37 cm
Females: over 30 up – to 35 cm
Rabbit Dachshund:
Males: over 27 cm – up to 32 cm
Females: over 25 cm – up to 30 cm
WEIGHTA full-grown standard dachshund averages 7.5 kg to 14.5 kg , while the miniature variety normally weighs less than 5.5 kg . The rabbit dachshund weighs 3.5 kg to 5 kg.
TEMPERAMENT Friendly by nature, neither fearful nor aggressive,
with even temperament, passionate, persistent
and fast hunting dog with an excellent nose
LIFE SPAN12-13 years
GROOMINGGrooming routine should depend on its coat type, with occasional bathing from once in two weeks to once in a couple of months, nails should be trimmed regularly
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