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German Shepherd
German Shepherd |
UTILIZATIONVersatile working, herding and service dog
FCI-CLASSIFICATIONGroup 1 Sheepdogs and Cattle Dogs (except Swiss Mountain and Cattle Dogs)
Section 1 Sheepdogs
With working trial
APPEARANCEMedium-size, slightly elongated, powerful and well-muscled, with dry bone and firm overall structure
SIZEMale dogs:
Height at the withers: 60 cm to 65 cm
Female dogs:
Height at the withers: 55 cm to 60 cm
WEIGHTMale dogs: 30 kg to 40 kg
Female dogs: 22 kg to 32 kg
TEMPERAMENTWell-balanced (with strong nerves) in terms of character, self-assured, absolutely natural and (except for a stimulated situation) good-natured as well as attentive and willing to please
LIFE SPAN9-13 years
GROOMINGDaily brushing, bathing once every 4-5 months
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