How to place an ad on

1. Enter into a browser .

2. Click click the arrow (Sign in button) at the top right of your page.

3. Click Register (blue letters) and enter your email and password. Check the box (I agree to the terms and conditions) and click Register (orange button).

4. You will receive an verification email. Click on the link in the email to activate your account.

5. Click Select Image.

6. Enter your first name, last name, profile info and click Save Shanges (your profile will be visible to the visitors after you place at least one ad).

7. Click + at the top right of your page to add an ad.

8. Select the category.

9. Click Select Images and choose the images you’d like to use in your ad. The first photo is the main photo of the ad.

• If you are having trouble with uploading photos, you probably need to reduce their size (maximum size is 2 MB per image). Reduce them to 800 pixels wide and try again. Certain browsers may also cause issues when uploading photos. Please try using an alternative browser (Google Chrome always works best) and please ensure you do not have adblock enabled. Turn off any banner blocking, anti-virus or firewall software. Switching to a different browser may also rectify any image uploading issues.

10. Enter your ad details (Title, Price, Date of Birth, Breed, Sex, Place, Country, Phone Number, Email, Website, Video URL, Description-Text of Ad).

11. Check the box (I agree to the terms and conditions) and click Submit Ad (orange button). Your ad will appear on very shortly. If you receive an email saying that your ad is pending, it means that your ad needs to be checked by an admin before going live.

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