Shake A Paw - Puppies for Sale in NJ

Shake A Paw - Puppies for Sale in NJ
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Shake A Paw, a leading destination for puppies for sale in NJ, offers a diverse selection of breeds including maltipoo, chihuahua, and yorkies. Founded by Jeff Morton, a lifelong dog enthusiast, Shake A Paw grew from a passionate venture into a state-of-the-art superstore in Union, dedicated to nurturing the bond between pets and their owners. Beyond sales, Shake A Paw prides itself on its Rescue and Adoption Center, having placed over 1,500 rescued dogs into loving homes, aligning with Jeff’s vision of supporting the community and contributing to animal welfare. Whether you’re seeking a new furry family member or looking to support rescue efforts, Shake A Paw stands as your premier source for puppies in NJ, committed to excellence in care, variety, and lifelong companionship.

Find your favorite breeds on our site:
Maltipoo for sale
Chihuahua for sale
Yorkshire Terrier for sale

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