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Presa Canario
Presa Canario |
UTILIZATIONGuard dog used for protection of cattle
FCI-CLASSIFICATIONGroup 2 Pinscher and Schnauzer –Molossoid Breeds –Swiss Mountain and
Cattle dogs
Section 2.1 Molossoid Mastiff type
Without working trial
APPEARANCEA moderately large sized molossoid, with a rectilinear profile and black mask, robust and wellproportioned
SIZEMales: 60 – 66 cm
Females: 56 – 62 cm
WEIGHTMinimum: Males: 50 kg
Females: 40 kg
Maximum: Males: 65 kg
Females: 55 kg
TEMPERAMENTBalanced temperament and very self-confident, low
and deep bark, obedient and docile with family members, very
devoted to its master, but can be suspicious of strangers, confident
attitude, noble and a little distant
LIFE SPAN9-11 years
GROOMINGWeekly brushings, bathing once a month, nails should be trimmed regularly
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