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Spanish Water Dog |
UTILIZATION Used as shepherd dog, hunting dog and assistant
to the fisherman
FCI-CLASSIFICATION Group 8 Retrievers – Flushing Dogs Water Dogs
Section 3 Water Dogs
Working trial optional
APPEARANCE Rustic dog, well proportioned
(medium weight), dolichocephalic, of rather elongated harmonious
shape and attractive appearance, of an athletic nature with well
developed muscles owing to his regular exercise; the profile is
rectilinear; his sight, hearing and scent are well developed
SIZE Males 44 to 50 cm
Females 40 to 46 cm
WEIGHTMales 18-22 kg
Females 14-18 kg
TEMPERAMENT Faithful, obedient, gay, hard working, watchful and well balanced
LIFE SPAN12-14 years
GROOMING The coat is never to be brushed, nails should be trimmed regularly
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