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Xoloitzcuintle | www.ksrs.rs
UTILIZATION Standard Size: Watchdog
Intermediate Size: Watchdog
Miniature Size: Companion Dog
FCI-CLASSIFICATION Group 5 Spitz and Primitive Types
Section 6 Primitive Type
Without working trial
APPEARANCE Attractive slim and elegant dog, moderate in all aspects
SIZE Standard variety: From 46 to 60 centimetres, tolerance of +2 cms in
top quality dogs
Intermediate variety: From 36 to 45 centimetres
Miniature variety: From 25 to 35 centimetres
WEIGHTToy: 2.3 – 6.8 kg
Miniature: 6.8 – 14 kg
Standard: 1 – 18 kg
TEMPERAMENT Silent and calm dog, cheerful, alert and intelligent, suspicious toward strangers
LIFE SPAN15-20 years
GROOMINGWeekly brushing with a very soft brush, bathing with a mild dog shampoo once a week, nails should be trimmed regularly
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