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Great Dane
Great Dane |
UTILIZATION Companion, watch- and guard dog
FCI-CLASSIFICATION Group 2 Pinscher and Schnauzer –Molossoid breeds – Swiss
Mountain and Cattle Dogs
Section 2.1 Molossoid breeds, Mastiff type
Without working trial
APPEARANCE By substance together with nobility,
harmonious appearance, well proportioned outlines, as well as an
especially expressive head, the Great Dane strikes the onlooker as a
noble statue, never coarse or with refined elegance
SIZE Males: at least 80 cms, should not exceed 90 cms
Females: at least 72 cms, should not exceed 84 cms
WEIGHT50–82 kg
TEMPERAMENT Friendly, loving and devoted to his owners. Might be reserved towards strangers, but required is a confident, fearless, easily tractable, docile companion and family dog with high resistance to provocation and without aggression.
LIFE SPAN7-10 years
GROOMINGWeekly brushing, occasional bath, nails should be trimmed regularly
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