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Hungarian Short-Haired Pointer (Vizsla)
Hungarian Short-Haired Pointer (Vizsla) |
UTILIZATION A versatile gun dog that must be able to work in
the field, forest and water, having the following typical qualities: an
excellent nose, firmness on the point, excellent retrieves and
determination to remain on the scent even when swimming, which he
manifestly enjoys. He copes with difficult terrain as well as extreme
weather conditions. As he is intended to be an efficient hunting dog,
gun and game shyness, unwillingness to point and retrieve, as well as
a dislike of water are undesirable. Because of his easy going nature
and his adaptability, he can easily be kept as a companion dog in the
FCI-CLASSIFICATION Group 7 Pointing Dogs
Section 1 Continental Pointing Dogs
With working trial (Field and Water Trial)
APPEARANCE Medium sized, elegant gun dog of noble appearance with short russet gold coat
SIZE Males: 58 – 64 cms
Females: 54 – 60 cms
WEIGHTMales: 20–30 kg
Females: 18–25 kg
TEMPERAMENT Lively, friendly, evenly tempered, to be trained easily
LIFE SPAN12-14 years
GROOMINGOccasional brushing, occasional bath, nails should be trimmed regularly
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