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Landseer (European Continental Type) |
ORIGINGermany / Switzerland
UTILIZATION Guard Dog, Companion
FCI-CLASSIFICATION Group 2 Pinscher and
SchnauzerMolossoid breedsSwiss Mountain and Cattle Dogs
Section 2.2 Molossoid breeds, Mountain type
Without working trial
APPEARANCE The Landseer should convey the
impression of a tall, powerful and well balanced dog. The legs are
comparatively longer than those of the black Newfoundland –
especially in the male
SIZE Dogs: 72 to 80 cm
Bitches: 67 to 72 cm
WEIGHT45–68 kg
TEMPERAMENT He is noble, calm, gentle, loyal and trustworthy with a sweet
LIFE SPAN≈ 11 years
GROOMINGRegular brushing, avoid bathing unless absolutely necessary, nails should be trimmed regularly
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