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American Akita
American Akita Puppy owned by Nataša Radulović
UTILIZATION Companion Dog.
FCI-CLASSIFICATION Group 5 Spitz and primitive types.
Section 5 Asian Spitz and related breeds.
Without working trial.
APPEARANCE Large-sized dog, sturdily built, well
balanced, with much substance and heavy bone.
SIZE Height at withers : For males : 66 to 71 cm (26-28 inches),
for bitches : 61 to 66 cm (24-26 inches).
WEIGHT32-50 kg
TEMPERAMENT Friendly, alert, responsive,
dignified, docile and courageous.
LIFE SPAN10-13 years
GROOMINGAkitas are a ‘double-coated’ breed meaning the Akita has an undercoat. Use a stainless steel comb with wide-set teeth and a pin brush to groom your Akita from top to bottom.
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