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UTILIZATION Tracking hound for wounded game, Scenthound.
In accordance with his hunting requirements as a highly
specialised huntingdog for the tracking of wounded game, the
Hannoverscher Schweißhund has to display all by the FCI
recognized Breed Club’s required hunting abilities, endurance,
potential the working trials and be useful for the more difficult
tracking of game.
FCI-CLASSIFICATION Group 6 Scenthounds and related breeds
Section 2 Scenthounds/Leash Hounds
With working trial
APPEARANCE Medium size, well proportioned and powerful
SIZE Males: 50–55 cm
Females: 48–53 cm
WEIGHTMales: 30–40 kg
Females: 25–35 kg
TEMPERAMENT Calm and assured temperament,
at the same time sensitive with his handler, choosy and discerning with
LIFE SPAN10-14 years
GROOMINGOccasional brushing, monthly bathing, nails should be trimmed regularly
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