Miniature Schnauzer Puppies Salt and Pepper

Miniature Schnauzer Puppies Salt and Pepper Miniature Schnauzer Puppies Salt and Pepper Miniature Schnauzer Puppies Salt and Pepper Miniature Schnauzer Puppies Salt and Pepper
Date of Birth: November 21, 2021
Sex: females & males
Place: Cyprus
Country: Cyprus
Phone Number: Call
Website: Website

Except being our beloved family members and my kids best friends the parents are also Lefkosia Champions, Champion of Cyprus and Multi-Champion of Cyprus. Absolutely amazing representatives of the breed.

Puppies will leave our home only after 15 weeks with:

– Genetically clear for MAC and PRA by heritage

– Fully vaccinated including anti-rabies and kennel cough, ready for their trips at any place without any risks.

– Fully de-wormed.

– Flea and ticks treatments.

– Microchip.

– International EU Passport.

– 5 Generations International Pedigree.

– Vet written check-up and clearance to travel.

– Health Guaranty.

– Life-time contract and support.

– Life-time returning policy.

Puppies are raised free in our home, socialized with other pets, children and humans of different ages.

They are all raw fed from the beginning with the best food available on the market.

All my puppies get Early Neurological Stimulation from day 3 of life according to the Super Dog Program developed by the U.S. Military.

They get desensitized to noises like fireworks, storms, ambulances baby crying etc according to Puppy Culture Program.

They receive basic training using only positive reinforcing methods.

I begin toilet training at early age also leash walking so you can fully enjoy your puppy from day 1.

I use enrichment toys and games in order to stimulate my puppies not only physically but also mentally.

I do crate training on request and all my puppies leave my home happily sleeping in their crate all throw the night.

They all have a very strong recall (using a secrete word) until they are ready to get in their forever homes.

I am starting grooming sessions from 3 weeks of age so until you get your puppy he will already be accommodated with baths, blow-dry, handstripping, brushing, nail clipping, tooth brushing etc.

I do reserve my right to choose the perfect family for each puppy so the rule “first came, first served” is not applicable in our case.

I am a registered breeder with the Cyprus Kennel Club and the International Canine Federation with the Suffix “Mercury Legacy” no.17/2020 respecting all international rules about responsible and preservation breeding, taking pride in my exceptional work/hobby/passion.

You can find me on all social media (facebook, youtube, tiktok, instagram) under my kennel name Mercury Legacy Schnauzers.

I am ensuring transportation myself or by an authorized professional transport company according to our agreement.

If you are interested in not just a miniature schnauzer puppy but in an exceptional one please contact me in order to send you my application forms and see if you qualify for one of the puppies.

Please only serious requests.

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